Attractions in Middelburg

Attractions & Sights in Middelburg


The Lange Jan  tower, capped with its impressive imperial crown, towers 90 metres above the city's houses. The tower is open to visitors. It is quite a climb but what a wonderful view once you have clambered up the 207 steps! On a clear day you can even see the neighbouring Zeeland islands.



The Lange Jan is one of the three towers belonging to the Onze lieve vrouwe abbey. The religious authorities developed the abbey to become the complex it is today: the abbey towers, some exquisite gates, churches with wonderful stained glass windows, sanctuaries, towers containing staircases and underground vaults. In the summer there are guided tours. The Zeeuws Museum, with a museum cafe and patio, is housed in the complex. 


Nearly 500 years after it was built, The town hall on the market square (the Markt) was proclaimed the second finest building in the Netherlands. The late Gothic building certainly deserves that accolade. The red-and-white shutters covering the wonderful stained glass windows, the rostrum with the steps leading up, the turrets, the statues of Zeeland nobility looking out over the square; the entire building exudes the flamboyancy so typical of that period. The town hall is illuminated in the evenings with wonderful, atmospheric lighting.  See www.touristinfomiddelburg.nl for guided tours.


A little dragon in formaldehyde, a Red Indian headdress, a real mummy, fossilised bones and major exhibits such as the sixteenth-century wall tapestries and Nehalennia altars from Roman times - The Zeeuws Museum collection is a visual delight, not just because of the unfamiliar objects from overseas territories that fire your imagination but also because of the thousands of treasures from Zeeland itself. The museum cafe is a good place for a drink or bite to eat.



In Mini Mundiyounger visitors will enjoy the bouncy castle and old-fashioned entertainment such as walking on stilts and hula hoops. The park also has an indoor and outdoor play area, a large swing boat and a roller coaster for the bravest visitors. Here, you will find a miniature version of Walcheren Island.


Golf is not easy, especially when you are wearing 3D glasses! Why not try this at Glow Golf. Sometimes it seems as if the ball is floating above the carpet!